PCM Techcast 18: Fish Tanks, Old Tech, Microwaves and Other Things Slowing Your Internet Speed

Speed up your connection with these simple tips

When it comes to connecting to the Internet, speed is king! That’s why we wanted an expert on our show this week to talk about how you can eke every little bit of extra speed out of your connection as possible. Michelle Gilbert, vice president public relations, Comcast Cable Heartland Region, gives us a ton […]


Add Function and Flash to Your Boring Password Screen with These Apps

It’s always important to look good, right? Having a smartphone or tablet screen where you enter a pass code to use it may successfully keep others from using your mobile tech without permission, but  a growing number of lock screen apps add functionality and flash to the utility function of a device. Folder Lock takes […]

App Lock Screens for your Smartphone or Tablet

PCM Techcast 17: Social Media Rules to Use and Stay Trouble-Free

Our posts to social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram may not necessarily be written in stone, but you might as well think they are before committing anything for the online world to see. That’s the main theme of episode 17 of the PC Mike Techcast and exactly why we wanted Diane Gottsman, national etiquette […]


App Guide: Get (Remote) Control of Your Home Devices with These Apps

You know all of these remote controls? Yeah. They can get completely out of hand/lost in couch or elsewhere. Consider this: I have one for the TV, one for Blu-Ray/DVD player, one for Roku, one for the soundbar – even one for the HD receiver to get local TV transmisions so I can watch Under […]


Quick Guide: Keep Track of The Shows You Watch with These Apps

Industry experts predict nearly 400 original shows will be produced and marketed in the U.S. in 2015 – a huge difference from the days when it was easy to keep track of the shows on just a few networks. That means keeping track of what you’ve watched and want to watch can be a big […]

TV Schedule and Guide Apps

Burner App Guide: Set Up Temporary Phone Numbers Without Buying a New Phone

For many, the idea of someone – or more accurately, some organization with annoying telemarketers – is just one of the many reasons protecting a phone number is a top priority. A growing number of startups, however, are coming to the rescue and bringing with them a growing number of so-called “burner” apps that let […]


Apps That Let You Text and Make Voice Calls with No Carrier Charges

As more and more people these days do away with landlines, minutes can add up fast and lead to big, unwelcome bills. A growing number of apps can help keep voice and text data usage – and bills – in check. Here’s three of them: One of the hottest is Pinger Textfree, a free app […]

Apps that let you text and make voice calls with no carrier charges

Introducing the Theftie: 5 Apps That Take Pics of Whoever Steals Your Phone or Tablet

Most people know what a selfie is, but a term you might start hearing more is “theftie” – and it’s one you’ll want to be aware of because it just might help you track down your missing tech devices or simply see if anyone has been trying to access it when you’re not around. To […]


PCM16 Techcast – Confessions of an Apple Fanboy at 3:01 a.m.

Sometimes, we have so many topics to cover we can’t decide what is the most important. So it is in this episode, as we first we talk about how the new Apple Watch became available for pre-order this week, for all of about 10 minutes. That’s all it took for existing supplies to be sold […]


Best Mobile Traffic Apps for 2015

One sure-fire way to put a damper on any day is being slowed down – or stopped altogether – by a traffic jam that could have been avoided. I have three great apps that can help you stay abreast of current traffic conditions and avoid being stuck in traffic.   Try the traffic app Waze, […]

Best Mobile Traffic Apps for 2015

PCM15: Why to Dump Your Internet Browser Now!

Chances are you use one of the “big five” browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Opera, but know this: you don’t have to! That’s because a growing number other browsers are available that steer the Internet toward its original intent – a tool for you to use and not use you. One of the fastest […]

It's Time to Dump YourWeb Browser ASAP!

Six Browsers Better Than Yours at Protecting Privacy

No matter your computer level, chances are you use one of the “big five” browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Opera. But many other browser options are available that steer the Internet toward its original intent – a tool for you to use and not use you. Of course, it can be scary […]


Quick Guide: Scanner Apps for Your Smartphone or Tablet

In many ways smartphones like the Apple iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge have come to replace cameras, TVs, and handheld video recorders and you can add one more to that list – the scanner. That’s because a growing number of robust apps can replace your bulky scanner and increase productivity and this week, […]

Scanner Apps for your Smartphone or Tablet

PCM14: Privacy Rules: How to Use the Internet and Social Media in 2015

It’s time to put a halt to being tracked, monitored, spied on or preyed upon online! But it’s up to us to take control of our privacy and stop businesses, hackers, spammers, the government, or anyone else from spying on our online activities. And the ways to go about it might not always be obvious […]

PC Mike's Guide to Online