Report: Google, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Others Don’t Protect Users’ Privacy Enough

Electronic Frontier Foundation Study Shows 'Who Has Your Back'

A new report finds tech giants like Google, Twitter, and Facebook-owned WhatsApp need to work harder to have their customers’ backs when it comes to privacy, often putting it on those same users to protect themselves. The nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) released its fifth annual “Who Has Your Back” report – an evaluation of […]

Report Shows Who has Your e-Back

Four Search Engines To Replace Google, Yahoo, or Bing ASAP

You DON'T Have to Give Up Privacy to Use the Internet

Imagine reading the Sunday ads in your local newspaper and some dude is sitting there watching you, taking note of what you read most. Now, imagine some other guy (Dude 2) working for “Brand X,” sitting thousands of miles away in some big, shiny office building, saying, “If only we could be in every person’s […]


PCM22: Everything You Need to Know About Getting Windows 10 for Free

Free Windows 10 Arrives July 29...But Should You Get It That Day?

Microsoft’s big plan to have Windows 10 on a billion devices in just a few years starts at the end of this month, when – on July 29 – it becomes available for free, zip, zero, zilch. But if you’re like us here at PC Mike, the soon-to-be available free operating system raised more questions […]


Send Free Text Messages Without WiFi or Data Plan Using These Bluetooth Messaging Apps

Put Your Device's Bluetooth Function to Work

Most tech devices these days are Bluetooth-enabled, but what many may not know is that feature can be used to send free texts, photos, and videos – without the need for a data plan or even available WiFi network. Jott is one of the hottest and most popular Bluetooth-based messaging apps, especially with students because of […]

Bluetooth Messaging Apps

No Facebook? No Problem! Now Anyone Can Use Facebook Messenger to Send Free Texts, Make Calls, and More

With hopes to expand its already popular Messenger service, Facebook has announced users no longer have to even have a Facebook account to use the app. That means Facebook holdouts can use the popular messaging service for everything from sending simple text messages to making international phone calls – and all for free (instead of […]