Scanner Apps for your Smartphone or Tablet

Scanner Apps for your Smartphone or Tablet

In many ways smartphones like the Apple iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge have come to replace cameras, TVs, and handheld video recorders and you can add one more to that list – the scanner. That’s because a growing ...Read More

PC Mike's Guide to Online

PCM14: Privacy Rules: How to Use the Internet and Social Media in 2015

It's time to put a halt to being tracked, monitored, spied on or preyed upon online! But it's up to us to take control of our privacy and stop businesses, hackers, spammers, the government, or anyone else from spying on ...Read More


Review: Windshield Witness Dash Cam

A lot of weird things happen out there on the road and there also is some great scenery. So I’m now making a record of it all with a dashboard camera (dash cam). Use of a dash cam revolves on ...Read More


Feel Like You’re Being Watched? 5 Ways to Stop Being Tracked Online

Sure, it’s nice to get things at little to no cost, but it’s getting to a point where the true costs of “free” content and services provided online by the likes of Facebook and Google are more than what I’m ...Read More

Privacy apps

App Guide: A Little Privacy, Please!

Make no mistake about it – knowing what you do on your smartphone or tablet is extremely valuable to a lot of different organizations – and I’m not talking hackers, either. I’m talking the likes of Facebook, Google, and many, ...Read More


Top Seven Traveling Tech Tips for Spring Break 2015

Spring break is upon many and depending on your phase of life, that can mean anything from a short road trip to flying across the country or to a foreign land. There’s no better time than now to consider these ...Read More

Meerkat sets a new streaming video standard

Meerkat: Setting a New Streaming Video Standard

The tech world is buzzing this week about a new streaming video app with an unusual name: Meerkat - an app that lets you use your Twitter account to send live video and audio out to the world, right from your iPhone ...Read More


PCM13 PC Mike Podcast: Why a Dash Cam Should Be Your Next Tech Purchase

From strange lights over Colorado to exploding houses in New Jersey, stunning video that would otherwise go unseen is being caught by dashboard cameras. In fact, we predicted dash cams would be one of the hottest tech gizmos of 2015 and still ...Read More

Forget eBay or Craigslist: Use These Apps to Sell Unwanted Stuff

Forget eBay or Craigslist: Use These Apps to Sell Unwanted Stuff

Time to clean out the house and garage and do some spring cleaning by getting rid of all that stuff you no longer need. Sure, there’s eBay and Craigslist. But  a growing number of apps are available to serve as ...Read More


Has Apple Finally Become Too Elitist?

Help me with this folks: I need a reason to buy the Apple Watch. Try as I might, I find no need, no real purpose, no compelling rationale to justify spending hundreds of dollars for a watch that really doesn't ...Read More

Apps for buying and selling pre-owned designer clothes

Step Into Spring With Apps for Buying and Selling Pre-owned Designer Clothes

As temperatures slowly begin to climb, it’s time to start planning your warmer weather wardrobe. Looking for a real buy? New apps have made bargains on pre-owned designer items accessible right on your smartphone. Here's three such apps for you ...Read More


PCM12 Podcast: How to Get to Email “Inbox Zero”

The bane of our online world is email, despite how easy it seems to simply push "delete." Fact is, it just keeps piling up. Consider this: Laura Stack, a productivity expert known fittingly as The Productivity Pro, once helped someone ...Read More


Review: High-Quality Videos Sans High Costs with Sony HDR-CX240

If you’re not trying to be the next Steven Spielberg and have video needs more like mine (meaning you occasionally say “Man, where’s the video camera when you need it?”), then Sony has what you just might need. The Sony ...Read More

Travel Apps

App Guide: Eliminate Travel Hassle with These Apps

With brutal cold winter weather gripping much of the country, cabin fever has set in and it’s clearly time for a break. If you’re planning a spring break trip, by taking a few minutes to set up your smartphone with ...Read More


Apps: Sling TV Might Be the Scissors to Cut the Cable Cord

(Updated: March 5, 2015) The lack of live sports and news is often cited by those holding out on cutting the cable cord as the big missing piece of the streaming media puzzle, but (and to borrow a beloved sports ...Read More