Airplane Mode is Your Friend & Other Tips to Save iPhone Battery Power

Despite widespread reports that Apple’s new iOS 9 has been problematic, chances are you will soon want take a chance and make the upgrade for your battery’s sake.

That’s because such software updates often contain fixes that can improve battery life.

Updating software, in fact, is just one of many ways you can extend your iPhone’s battery life.

Here are several other ways:

  • Location, location, location: Your iPhone’s constant use of GPS to keep up with your always-changing locations can really be a battery drain. Go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services to fix this. You can turn them all off or pick and choose. For example, Frequent Locations is a feature that tracks your regular destinations so it can send you targeted ads (like when you go to CVS and get an alert from CVS). Not only is that annoying, but it drains your
  • Get a handle on apps refreshing: You probably have quite a few apps on your device and each one can be doing things in the background – unless you tell them not to. Go to Settings>General>Background App Refresh and you will have the option to turn off refreshing for all apps or for just a few you don’t use as often. Don’t worry, when you use any apps you’ve prevented from refreshing they will automatically refresh – because you told it to do so.
  • Disable some of your notifications: You don’t want to disable things like text and voicemail, but notifications from the likes of Twitter and Facebook can go. Go to Settings>Notification Center then scroll down to Include and Don Not Include. You’ll can pick and choose from categories (Phone, Messages) or individual apps.
  • Airplane mode is your friend: I have a friend who works in an older building in a big city that is in almost completely dead zone. Her iPhone was constantly searching for a strong signal and thus, the battery always draining very quickly. Switching to Airplane mode took care of that. download (1)
  • The Regulars: The tips above mostly deal with your phone constantly trying to do stuff as tech evolves. But there are things I call The Regulars that can help, too. This includes reducing screen brightness, Bluetooth and WiFi (when not in use). Of The Regulars, reducing screen brightness usually has the biggest impact on battery life (though you’ll have to readjust if using in bright sun).
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