Cool dual beam flashlight

The Nightstick is very cool dual-light flashlight. It has a CREE nightstickLED rated at 130 lumens along with with a high-efficiency deep parabolic reflector. This creates a flashlight beam with an effective range of almost 600 feet, or 181 meters Additionally, built into the handle is a 110 lumen floodlight. Unlike the flashlight beam, the light coming out of the floodlight does not have a reflector so the light spreads out in a wide, even, unfocused pattern of light…perfect for lighting up things that are close. Additionally, both the flashlight and the floodlight can be turned on at the same time for even more versatile lighting options. Check it out from Amazon. The waterproof design, in combination with an impact and chemical resistant engineered polymer housing, make these tough little lights, one of the best values around. Additionally, the integrated magnets located in the base of the handle and the pocket clip, provide for almost limitless hands-free usage.

Apps that will make you a graphic artist

One of the neatest things about the Internet is how it makes it easy for us to do things that previously were just too hard – like making art, things like posters and graphic images. There are a host of new web services that can unleash budding artist deep inside of you. Canva is the […]

Apps that will make you a graphic artist

Review: Wilson Cell Phone Booster

I do a lot of traveling around the country in an RV. Besides, this blog, I am a travel writer and a free lance journalist and I have to constantly be connected to the Internet. Many of the places I go have marginal cellular coverage. That’s where the Wilson Sleek 4G Cell Phone Booster comes […]


Office now free for iOS and Android

The good news is Microsoft has finally made it’s Office apps available for free on Apple and Android oficeiossmartphones and tablets. That means you can create, edit and share documents in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
– The bad news is the functionality is limited.
– Free users can only create new Word documents in portrait mode. Landscape documents can be opened, but the orientation cannot be altered.
– Free users can’t turn on the Track Changes feature in new Word documents (or turn it off in existing documents).
– Word Art is for paid users only.
Many advanced presentation tool in PowerPoint are only for paid users, including Presenter View
Still, this is a long overdue move by Microsoft. I applaud them for it. Welcome to the real world.

Get organized: What you need to be productive

So much to do…so little time. We all wish we could be more productive, get things done and organize our life. That’s where technology can really help and I have some favorite tools to help you get it together. But before I share with you my three favorite productivity programss and apps, let me tell […]

Get organized: What you need to be productive

Best backup solution I’ve found

backblazeI have a lot of files. I took over 5,000 photos this past summer alone. Plus there are stories, documents, videos. All sorts of stuff I need. It’s all on my laptop and as I travel a lot, I always worry about losing stuff. I recently discovered a cloud backup system called Backblaze. I trust it for all files. It is totally automatic. I install it and that’s it. Whenever I am on Wi-Fi, it encrypts my files and stores them on their servers.  There are no limits to file size. Backups happen without me doing a thing. And if I ever did lose my files on the laptop, Backblaze will send me a hard drive to restore my files from the backups. Cost is just $5 a month. Best system I’ve found.