Five Apps to Make Sure Your Summer Fun Doesn’t End Up Totally Sucking

‘Tis the season for outdoor summer fun, be it days at the zoo, art fair, car show, carnival, or music festival.

But without preparation and planning, any one or all of these events designed for fun can turn into a nightmare.

Fortunately, if you load your smartphone with the right apps, you can avoid the pitfalls that lead to disasters like getting lost or dehydrated.

Festival Buddy will work to keep you from losing your bearings and getting lost at an event. It’s designed for music festivals technically, but you could use it anywhere. It simply uses your phone’s GPS and helps you set locations for different destinations, such as car and toilets. The big graphics are simple and won’t leave you pulling your hair out trying to figure out a bunch of settings – which can be especially frustrating if you’re already irritated by something like getting lost. It’s for Android.

glympseGlympse is a cool app that lets others find you. It allows users to share their location with others, which is perfect when you’re spread out over a large area like a music festival, zoo, carnival, etc. It provides users with a route to find friends. It can be set up to expire at a certain time so no need to worry about whether you’re friends are permanently tracking your every move the next day. Free for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Battery Doctor will at least help manage the battery power of a device and claims to extend battery life by up to 50 percent. It shows what is draining power from your device, tells you how long your battery will last using set parameters (WiFi on/off, etc.). It also includes the Task Killer widget to further optimize power consumption. Free for iOS and Android.

MyRadar is what you need to keep track of changing weather conditions. It’s hi-def radar will show you if skies are clear or if you’re about to get hit by the fastest moving thunderstorm in history. It uses a smartphone’s GPS to identify where users are and it can be set up so that NOAA alerts can be received. Free for iOS, Android, Windows and even Google Glass.

So once you have your smartphone set up in a way that keeps you from getting lost, having your phone die, and are sure that you will not be caught in the middle of a terrible storm, you STILL have more to manage and it could perhaps be most important: water intake.

screen568x568For iOS, get Waterlogged. For Android, get Water Your Body. Both work pretty much the same by providing you information about how much water you’ve had to drink and how much you should be drinking based on variable such as age, weight, and gender. You can get alerts, too, so that you know when you’re due for some more. Sorry, though, neither can help users deal with having to pay $12 for a nickel’s worth of cold water.

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