App Guide: Get (Remote) Control of Your Home Devices with These Apps

You know all of these remote controls? Yeah. They can get completely out of hand/lost in couch or elsewhere. Consider this: I have one for the TV, one for Blu-Ray/DVD player, one for Roku, one for the soundbar – even one for the HD receiver to get local TV transmisions so I can watch Under […]


Top Seven Traveling Tech Tips for Spring Break 2015

Spring break is upon many and depending on your phase of life, that can mean anything from a short road trip to flying across the country or to a foreign land. There’s no better time than now to consider these seven simple (and very important) traveling tech tips (spring break edition). Load up on the […]


Review: High-Quality Videos Sans High Costs with Sony HDR-CX240

If you’re not trying to be the next Steven Spielberg and have video needs more like mine (meaning you occasionally say “Man, where’s the video camera when you need it?”), then Sony has what you just might need. The Sony HDRCX240/B Video Camera with 2.7-inch LCD screen is about as simple (and cheap, $228 at […]