Going paperless: The best in scanners

The dream for many is to go paperless and thanks to advances in scanner technology, it’s a lot closer to reality now than ever before. I have some recommendations that can help you digitize that mountain of paper that surrounds you. There’s always something in real life that we want to bring into our digital […]

Going paperless: The best in scanners

Review: Wilson Cell Phone Booster

I do a lot of traveling around the country in an RV. Besides, this blog, I am a travel writer and a free lance journalist and I have to constantly be connected to the Internet. Many of the places I go have marginal cellular coverage. That’s where the Wilson Sleek 4G Cell Phone Booster comes […]


Screwed again: FCC to cut deal with big business

If you use and depend on the Internet, you about to get screwed by the government and big business. Unfortunately, most Americans are too ignorant to care. But make no mistake, the FCC’s telegraphed plans to allow so-called Internet fast lanes to be set up by the likes of Comcast so that big buck companies like Netflix, Google, Amazon and […]


Seriously people: Maybe it’s time you switched to Mac or Linux

Microsoft sucks. How many times have we heard people say that? Well, they’re saying it again even louder now after a major security flaw has been announced in the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser. Is this deja vu or just a bad nightmare? Seriously, how many of these security breaches have we had from Microsoft? […]


Netflix to raise prices

The battle between cable TV programmers like Comcast and streaming providers like Netflix has just sharpened, with Netflix announcing a pretty steep price increase as it very publicly declared its opposition to Comcast’s planned acquisition of Time Warner’s cable operations. As smart TVs, Wi-Fi and the proliferation of Internet-connected tablets and smartphones over fast 4g […]