Review: Don’t Run Out of Battery Juice

Power. We all need more of it.

I used to run out of juice about 4 p.m. most days on my iPhone. About an hour later, the tablet died.

No longer. I carry back up.

That’s because with so many of us using smartphones and tablets all day long and more and more USB devices becoming “necessities” for daily life, the standard batteries that accompany our gadgets just don’t cut it for all-day use.


The Mophie

That’s why I always carry the Mophie Powerstation Duo External 12000 mAh Battery.

The Powerstation Duo was developed to ensure you have enough power to keep them fully charged when you need it most. You can charge your phone and tablet together or share a port with a friend in need when outlets aren’t an option. You can get eight phone chargings from a single charge to the Mophie.

It’s the most powerful battery pack on the market, yet it easily fits on a backpack or briefcase. About $129 on Amazon.