Google’s New Fun Facts Bolster Knowledge and Waste Time

A new Google feature aims to help tap the Internet’s vast resources to bring you the kind of knowledge you never knew you wanted to know.

Simply type “Fun Facts” into the Google search bar and you will get a random, well, fun fact.

monopolyshotFor example, ever wonder the total dollar amount of all the money in a Monopoly game? I know I’ve lost a ton of sleeping wondering this. And though I could have easily gone to the store and bought a new Monopoly set and counted the money. It was way easier to use “Fun Facts” and learn that there is, in fact, $15,140 in a standard Monopoly game.

Another cool thing about Fun Facts? If you want to learn even MORE about the fact, a link is provided.

Fun Facts draws on various sources, such as Wikipedia, National Geographic, New York History, something called OMG Facts, and just about anything (obviously) with a large Internet database of knowledge.

If you click on “Ask Another Question” – as you likely will – you will see that the search actually changes to “I’m feeling curious.” That puts the fun facts feature with a bunch of other interesting Google search features including “I’m feeling playful,” which directs to Google Doodles; “I’m feeling generous,” which directs to charity projects; and “I’m feeling stellar,” which takes you to Google Earth.

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