Keep track of your pet

We all love our pets. Our dogs and cats are important members of the family and keeping them safe and in our yard is a top priority. New technology can help us keep better track of our furry friends.

One of every pet owner’s worst fear is having to put up one of these signs. But now, with a pet tracking gizmo on your pet’s collar, you can keep track of them on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. The TAGG Pet Tracker uses advanced GPS tracking technology that allows you to see where their dog or cat is and receive a notification if it wanders off.

pettrackerpettrackerYou use your computer to set up boundaries, in your yard or neighborhood. If the pet strays beyond that area, you’re sent an alert, to both your computer and smartphone that gives you an electronic trail that leads you right to them.

It even keeps track of how active your pet is, how much exercise they get.

After you buy the $100 transmitter and collar clip, Verizon wireless service costs just $7.95  a month… for pet owning peace of mind.

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  • Dody Dunning

    Such a GPS logger may be useful when you and your RV are at “home”, wherever that is. But if you’ve camped on a trip and your dog or cat wanders away, it may get lost or worse, for neither you nor your pet knows the territory. Better to restrain your dog, with a line or an exercise pen (aka an Xpen). Keep your cat inside your RV, for restraint is nearly impossible. Train either type of pet to come when it is called, if it should escape even when you’re right there watching it.