Don’t Fear the Farmer’s Market! Apps to Demystify Buying Fresh Fruit and Veggies

Know how and where to buy your produce!

With warm weather comes fresh produce and Farmer’s Markets. And, yes, there IS an app for that! In fact, a number of great apps help demystify the produce-buying experience, be it at your favorite farmer’s market or regular grocery store. The Specialty Produce app draws on a database of more than 1,400 produce items and […]

Don’t Fear the Farmer’s Market! Apps to Demystify Buying Fresh Fruit and Veggies

Get Your Galileo On! Take Astronomy to the Next Level with These Stargazing Apps

Turn Your Smartphone into a Planetarium

Summer is right around the corner and with it plenty of stargazing opportunities. A growing number of apps make it so you don’t need a fancy, expensive telescope to get your best Galileo on. SkyView is an easy to use smartphone or tablet app that provides an impressive look at space. Aim your camera at […]

Stargazing apps

Add Function and Flash to Your Boring Password Screen with These Apps

It’s always important to look good, right? Having a smartphone or tablet screen where you enter a pass code to use it may successfully keep others from using your mobile tech without permission, but  a growing number of lock screen apps add functionality and flash to the utility function of a device. Folder Lock takes […]

App Lock Screens for your Smartphone or Tablet

Quick Guide: Keep Track of The Shows You Watch with These Apps

Industry experts predict nearly 400 original shows will be produced and marketed in the U.S. in 2015 – a huge difference from the days when it was easy to keep track of the shows on just a few networks. That means keeping track of what you’ve watched and want to watch can be a big […]

TV Schedule and Guide Apps

Apps That Let You Text and Make Voice Calls with No Carrier Charges

As more and more people these days do away with landlines, minutes can add up fast and lead to big, unwelcome bills. A growing number of apps can help keep voice and text data usage – and bills – in check. Here’s three of them: One of the hottest is Pinger Textfree, a free app […]

Apps that let you text and make voice calls with no carrier charges

Best Mobile Traffic Apps for 2015

One sure-fire way to put a damper on any day is being slowed down – or stopped altogether – by a traffic jam that could have been avoided. I have three great apps that can help you stay abreast of current traffic conditions and avoid being stuck in traffic.   Try the traffic app Waze, […]

Best Mobile Traffic Apps for 2015

Quick Guide: Scanner Apps for Your Smartphone or Tablet

In many ways smartphones like the Apple iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge have come to replace cameras, TVs, and handheld video recorders and you can add one more to that list – the scanner. That’s because a growing number of robust apps can replace your bulky scanner and increase productivity and this week, […]

Scanner Apps for your Smartphone or Tablet

App Guide: A Little Privacy, Please!

Make no mistake about it – knowing what you do on your smartphone or tablet is extremely valuable to a lot of different organizations – and I’m not talking hackers, either. I’m talking the likes of Facebook, Google, and many, many others. But with some special apps, you can have a fighting chance to keep […]

Privacy apps

Meerkat: Setting a New Streaming Video Standard

The tech world is buzzing this week about a new streaming video app with an unusual name: Meerkat – an app that lets you use your Twitter account to send live video and audio out to the world, right from your iPhone or iPad. I can’t remember when a new app has gotten so much attention. But […]

Meerkat sets a new streaming video standard

Forget eBay or Craigslist: Use These Apps to Sell Unwanted Stuff

Time to clean out the house and garage and do some spring cleaning by getting rid of all that stuff you no longer need. Sure, there’s eBay and Craigslist. But  a growing number of apps are available to serve as alternatives to those older online marketplaces. Mercari is one of the most popular online marketplaces […]

Forget eBay or Craigslist: Use These Apps to Sell Unwanted Stuff

Step Into Spring With Apps for Buying and Selling Pre-owned Designer Clothes

As temperatures slowly begin to climb, it’s time to start planning your warmer weather wardrobe. Looking for a real buy? New apps have made bargains on pre-owned designer items accessible right on your smartphone. Here’s three such apps for you to consider.

Apps for buying and selling pre-owned designer clothes

App Guide: Eliminate Travel Hassle with These Apps

With brutal cold winter weather gripping much of the country, cabin fever has set in and it’s clearly time for a break. If you’re planning a spring break trip, by taking a few minutes to set up your smartphone with the right apps, you can make sure your trip is hitch-free. One of the best […]

Travel Apps

Quick Guide: The Latest in Fitness and Training Apps and Gadgets

Personal fitness apps and wearable technology have become one of the hottest categories of smartphone apps these days. Some big bucks have come into the marketplace that give consumers some amazing and advanced technology that lets you get in shape and stay in shape. The new 1,000-pound gorilla in fitness apps is MapMyFitness, bought up […]

The latest in fitness and training apps and gadgets