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PC Mike Techcast #39: Why I don’t like my new MacBook Pro

Yes, I am an Apple fanboy. Let there be no doubt about it. I have at least one of every singe device Apple makes. Seriously.

But that doesn’t mean I have to pretend to liking everything about the Apple ecosystem.

Take┬áthe new MacBook Pro 15 incher last fall. I don’t like it. I hate it for two reasons: Lousy battery life and a klutzy keyboard.

In this week’s podcast, I tell you all about it and how I was so frustrated I bought a new Microsoft Surface Book Pro to replace it.

I was a Windows user for about 24 hours before I took the Surface Book Pro back.

So, I’m stuck with the new Macbook Pro. And my hate is easing slightly to just a dislike, thanks to a couple of workarounds I tell you about.

Plus, my apps of the week.


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  • MaineBob

    Thanks Mike, still liking my MB pro 2011 model… upgraded to SSD drive… happy camper… My office (home built) machine is Win 8.1 with 3 screens… Like windows because of so many programs… All my mail is in the cloud… gmail behind the scenes for my domains…. I like my mail in the cloud. Long done with Outlook. and I run Both Chrome and Firefox both Win and Mac I am an android user Sam Note 4… and will wait to upgrade to the Google Pixel 2 when it comes out later this year… (expected to be waterproof) and have the best camera…. You might consider it… after the Note 7 flameout the Google Pixel made alot of headway. By the Way, Happy Candlemas day, “Half your wood and half your hay you must have by Candlemas day.” I saw my shadow this morning. …. Regards! -Bob O

  • Thanks Mike. I am an Apple fan as well. Hope you figure it out soon.