Seven Kinda Great, Totally Superfluous Apps to Get ASAP

Apps like Evernote provide real value by helping you get and stay organized to live more efficiently and effectively – the kind of apps that really demonstrate how tech improves life.

Then, there’s Toilet Time.

In the huge spectrum between, however, are the thousands and thousands of apps we continually evaluate to possibly feature on the PC Mike NBC-TV segments, blog, and podcasts. There’s never a shortage.

Some, however, are cool – or at least interesting – and worthy of mention, but we just don’t have a home for them. Well, we didn’t until now. Check out these seven random apps in the first installment of 7KGTSA:

TrackR bravo – This is a unique app/device aimed at helping you find your lost stuff. We’re talking keys, wallet, etc. (I wish there were a way to attach it to my Roku remote…just sayin’). TrackR bravo combines a small, round tag device about the size of a quarter with an app on your phone. Attach the quarter-sized tag device to your keys or put it in your wallet. Or anything else you’re constantly misplacing.  Use the app to activate a small beep and see on your phone where your lost item is. You must be within 100 feet of the device so it’s somewhat limited, but still could be useful to many. They start at one device for $29.99 and go up to $149.99 for 10.

VHS Camcorder – We’ve come a long way when it comes to the quality and quantity of video we produce. I mean, who would’ve thought a PHONE?!?! would eventually take way better videos than the camcorder my dad wouldn’t let me even look at back in the day? So naturally we want our new stuff to look like those crappy old videos. The makers of the VHS Camcorder app promise it will help – in their words – you impress girls by convincing them you’ve built a time machine and to “make your kids’ incredibly boring school plays actually watchable.” How does it work? It simply lets you degrade the quality of your video with a bunch of different settings. The app is for iOS and costs $3.99 ($1.80 in 1985 dollars).

Somebody messaging app. Kinda weird. Kinda great.

Somebody messaging app. Kinda weird. Kinda great.

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Somebody – Messaging apps have taken a lot of in-person interaction out of life. The Somebody app looks to restore it. Kinda. Here’s how it works: Send a message to another Somebody user who will be your own person verbal message delivery service. (The app is able to locate other Somebody users closest to the actual intended recipient so it’s intended for use in more populous areas.) Then, the other Somebody user/random stranger acts as your stand-in and delivers your message for you by actually talking to the intended recipient. There’s a kinda great video about it here. It’s free for iOS and Android.

Moo-Q – An app designed by a couple of big, reputable groups in the U.K. that is aimed at helping users figure out at what time of the day (or night) they are most productive based on mood. Users must answer a few questions to get started. Then, a series of random memorization tests are given at different times of the day. After a five days of testing, voila!, you know when you should or shouldn’t tackle solving world peace. It’s free for iOS so Android and Windows Phone users will have to learn about themselves some other way.

Giphy Cam – Have you ever seen those seconds-long videos on Facebook, Twitter, etc.? They’re called GIFs (the debate about whether you say it like “Jif” peanut butter or “Gif” as in birthday “GIFt” may never be solved). Anyway, Giphy Cam is a way for users to make and edit five-second videos that can basically be shared as any other photo can be shared. Ever wanted to put a pair of shades on your cat? Giphy Cam lets you do just that (and a bunch more). Free for iOS.

Toilet Finder app

Toilet Finder app

Toilet Finder – The app helps you find the closest free, public restroom. It draws on a database of more than 70,000 such facilities with a number that continually grows thanks to contributors – with much, much time and concern for the bladders of others – adding new toilets almost nonstop. Oh, bathrooms are rated, too. This one is free for iOS, including Apple Watch.

No need to use the Toilet Finder app if you "consume" beverages with iBeer

No need to use the Toilet Finder app if you “consume” beverages with iBeer

iBeer – Finding a toilet won’t be an issue if you use this app to “drink” beer, soda, milk, or whatever your favorite beverage is. This app is less “Why didn’t I think of that?” and more “Why did ANYONE think of that?” But with 90 million downloads, according to the company behind iBeer, what do I know? Basically, it makes it look like your iPhone is full of liquid. Hold it up as if taking a “drink” and the liquid appears to be going into your mouth as if an actual real liquid is coming out of your phone. The beer version is free and you can buy other beverages that are probably more appropriate for many. It’s for iOS and Android.

Have anything you think belongs in the next edition of 7KGTSA? Post in comments below or send us a private message!

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