Avoid fat-fingered mistakes with boilerplate copy

We sure do a lot of typing on our various devices these days. What with email, social media postings and texting, it can be challenging to dash off replies and messages. That’s where some special apps that I have found for us this week come in so handy. I suffer from fat finger mistakes, making […]

Avoid fat-fingered mistakes with boilerplate copy

Best Bicycling Apps

Summer is get outside an play time and as warm weather finally sweeps across the country, lots of folks are taking to two wheeled transportation and the sport and pastime of cycling. I have some special apps can help help you get even more from bicycling.. Whether for recreation or transportation – earlier this month […]


Gardening apps for 2014

With warm weather and spring now in full bloom, it’s time to get serious about our gardens. Growing fresh vegetables is fun and healthy and I have some apps for smartphones and tablets that will help your garden grow like you really have a green thumb. My favorite app this year is the Organic Gardening […]


Best to-do list managers

Here’s a test: Ask someone how things are going? Chances are they’ll say something like “fine, but busy.” We are all busy and our to-do lists keep getting longer! But the right to-do list can make all the difference. Here are three of my favorite task managing apps to help you take control of your […]