Top Seven Traveling Tech Tips for Spring Break 2015

Spring break is upon many and depending on your phase of life, that can mean anything from a short road trip to flying across the country or to a foreign land. There’s no better time than now to consider these seven simple (and very important) traveling tech tips (spring break edition).

  • Load up on the right apps. PC Mike recently did a report for NBC about some of the best traveling apps One more for the list is called Field Trip. Available for iOS and Android, Field Trip helps users find cool, hidden, and unique things wherever you may be. It runs in the background. Get close to a landmark or something else that you shouldn’t miss, it will pop right up and let you know.
  • Back up your data before you go. Whether you use a cloud-based service like iCloud or Google Drive or any of the other options available, be sure you know exactly where to find all your data when you get back so you can add all your new pics and contacts to it.
  • Use a tracking app for your phone! You’ve saved all your travel info and pics to your phone…but (GASP!!!) where’s your phone??? Imagine that sinking feeling that you would feel of being in a different city or country and having no way to have hope of finding your phone. Make sure you set up Find My iPhone (iOS) or something like Lookout Mobile Security for Android.
  • Unplug at home! Better safe than sorry to unplug printers, gaming systems, stereos, phone chargers, or power strips plugged in at home. That spring lightning on the way could seriously mess with your tech.
  • Set up your automatic email responses, especially if you’re a professional and truly trying to get away from it all. It tells those you’re in contact with that you aren’t ignoring them and that you care about what they have to say, but you are, in fact, taking a real life vacation like you used to with your parents.  Here’s a handy link for setting up Outlook. Do a search for whatever email you use and you’ll find plenty of short, easy guides.
  • For those traveling with kids, you can do no wrong by hooking them up with the Crayola DigiTools Deluxe Creativity Pack – Digital Toolkit for iPad. It’s about $14 on Amazon so it’s cheap. There are a bunch of really cools tools that can create hundreds of colors and effects. Kit includes 3D stylus and glasses to keep kids engaged with the images. There’s also the digital crayon, digital air brush and digital stamper for animated images. Best of all, your vehicle’s interior will not be destroyed (by this anyway).
  • Before you leave town, set up something like a Belkin NetCam HD Plus for peace of mind while away from home. You’ll receive text and email alerts if the camera detects motion. Or if you’d like to check in on your home or pets, you can stream 720p HD video straight to your smartphone or tablet.
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