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Top Research Apps

Information keeps becoming more and more accessible and carrying a smartphone puts hige databases and libraries at our instant disposal.

I have three three very helpful reference apps for your smartphone.

Terminology is part dictionary/thesaurus and part research tool, making it easy to explore words and phrases, accessing the web and other apps for more detail and sharing. More than a dictionary, Terminology can be extended with custom actions. You can select text anywhere, in any app, and look it up in Terminology. The app is free for iOS with an ad-free version available for purchase.

Encyclopedia of World Knowledge, Science and History is a great reference app for general knowledge, offering instant access to more than 330,000 articles, over 77,000 audio pronunciations, and 24,000 images, all from the most trusted sources and major publishers. Topics range from science and history to music, culture, and food. The app is free for iOS.

If you want to know just about anything about the big – or little – screen, IMDb is the app you need. It’s billed as the world’s most popular authoritative source for movie, TV, and celebrity content, boasting a catalog of more than three million movie and TV titles and 7 million credited celebrities, actors, actresses, directors and crew members. You can make your own watchlist, and receive alerts for show times, breaking news, and more. The app is free for iOS and Android.

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