Windshield Witness: Why you need a Dash Cam

A lot of weird things happen out there on the road and there also is some great scenery.

So I’m now making a record of it all with a dashboard camera (dash cam).

WindshieldWitnessMountedByMirrorUse of a dash cam revolves on a simple concept: Documentation of your drive, be it across North America or to the corner convenience store.

There are three basic reasons for adding a dash cam:

Protection: Accidents are often become a blame game with one driver’s word against another’s. Dash cams offer proof of what happened.

Documentation of a trip: When traveling great distances, there are just too many beautiful places and things to stop and photograph. A dash cam provides for a thorough recounting of your journey with high def video.

Capturing the unexpected: Entire websites are dedicated to this use of dash cams. The reason is simple – so many things happen so fast for even the most skilled camera quick-draws. Take the Chelyabinsk meteor that was caught flying over Russia last February. Because so many dash cams are used in Russia, plenty of documentation of the event exists. Now, you may not be likely to catch such a visual and impressive event, but then again, maybe you will.

WW-frontPROF PICReports indicate Russia, in fact, has led the way with dash cam use because of the weight the legal system puts on the video evidence, especially when it comes to auto insurance fraud, a particularly problematic issue in the region. But with so many dash cams from Europe making the You Tube rounds, dash cam use has now become a worldwide phenomenon.

The one I use is Windshied Witness.

  • It mounts to the dash/windshield to video capture what happens in front of the vehicle.
  • It records automatically when driving.
  • It powers on/off with vehicle.
  • It recycles media (i.e. deletes the boring stuff and, when the little SD memory card fills up, it starts recording over the oldest clip) automatically.
  • It has a G-sensor. This sensor will earmark any video connected with detection of an impact.

Like it? You can buy it here. Total price including USPS Priority Mail delivery is $221.16.

It is quality all the way. Plug and Play. Mount it on your windshield, plug the power cord in your cigarette lighter connector and it starts recording. It’s that simple. The video is 1080Pp HD, super high quality. It also records audio, which you can turn on or off as you please.

The Windshield Witness System includes a 32GB Class 10 SD memory card and Transfer Kit. The system delivers 1080P video quality and comes complete with everything needed to video your travels and to better protect yourself and your loved ones from a fraudulent accident claim.

The Transfer Kit allows customers to easily move the Windshield Witness between two vehicles, without having to remove and re-install the window mount and power cord. You can easily transfer their Windshield Witness back and forth between your RV and your daily driving vehicle. Simply unscrew the camera and then screw it into the window mount on the other vehicle.

I couldn’t be happier with this camera.