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Apps to keep New Year resolutions in 2014

As the New Year arrives, so does the resolve of many of us to do things better with the clean calendar page that starts 2014.  I have some apps that can help us all keep those New Year’s Resolutions.

At the top of ever New Year resolution list is losing weight and getting in shape and the hands down best app I have ever found for doing that is the Lose It! App for the web and most mobile smartphones and tablets. You use this app to count calories and track your fitness goals. It has a huge data base of food  calorie  and nutrition info and even lets you scan the barcode from package labels. Enter in how much you want to lose and the app will give you constant feedback and motivation from friends to reach that goal. It’s free.

2014resolutionNext up for New Year resolutions is getting our finances straight. The free Mint app for Apple and Android phones and tablets keeps track of all your various financial accounts in one place…checking accounts, credit card spending, savings, everything. Set a budget, track your expenses and you’ll always be on top of your financial goals.

Lastly, the 21Habit service helps you break bad habits, quit smoking, get more sleep, whatever. The idea is you invest $21 bucks in yourself. Then, each day you succeed in keeping your resolution, you get a buck back. Keep it up for 21 days and you’ve brkoen the bad habit and got your money back.

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