PCM 37 Is Apple TV really “the future of television?”

Apple’s Tim Cook claims it is but as we point out in this episode of the PC Mike Techcast, the new Apple TV is indeed pretty cool, but probably a bit overhyped.

But that’s okay. While it lacks a couple things it’s less expensive rivals have (like 4K), the remote for Apple TV is indeed really revolutionary. [spp-timestamp time=”6:30″]

That’s our lead story this week in a podcast episode with lots of info, including a very helpful interview with cyber advocate Heather MacKinnon of Lookout.com who tells us about malware that are starting to clog up our mobile devices.


Here’s the complete shownotes for Episode 37:

A website that tells you who died in your house

DiedInHouse.com is a website that tells you whether someone ever died in your house. It searches data from death certificates, news reports, and 130 million police records to determine first whether someone died in your house, and then more specifically whether there have been any underground meth labs on the property, arson, or murders.[spp-timestamp time=”4:30″]

A Windows 10 Update is on the way

Windows 10 Update coming soon – https://www.yahoo.com/tech/microsoft-release-threshold-2-windows-152710579.html

Microsoft will release its Windows 10 Fall Update — previously referred to internally as the Threshold 2 update soon. Along with a host of bug fixes and other minor tweaks, it’s also set to add some new functionality into Windows 10. Microsoft’s new Edge browser is set to see some changes, too, although apparently not the often-requested addition of extensions.

Additionally, extra customization options for the Start Menu are on their way, as well as some other UI improvements. We should see some icons swapped out for new versions, as well as changes to context menus and the option to recolor the title bars on Explorer windows. [spp-timestamp time=”10:45″]

Podcasts are finally coming to Google Play for Android users

Google Play Music will soon stream more than just tunes. The Android official blog announced today that Google plans to start offering podcasts on the service. The company is already calling for podcasters in the U.S. to start uploading shows now through a newly launched portal. [spp-timestamp time=”12:50″]

Apple bans over 250 apps for security issues

A Chinese company was spying on app users – https://www.yahoo.com/tech/apple-bans-over-250-apps-that-secretly-accessed-202515205.html

The company secretly accessed and stored users’ personal information through 250 apps on the iTunes store. The apps in total received 1 million downloads. [spp-timestamp time=”14:25″]


Thingamajig of the week – Switching between iS and Android

Paul Ulreich, Verizon’s “Uber User,” tells us the different operating systems available on today’s smartphone. Paul’s thought is that both systems are pretty similar in terms of the apps they use. Listen up and see if he helps you make a decision on switching to a different system. [spp-timestamp time=”18:00″]

This part of the podcast is brought to you by Verizon Wireless, the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network.

With the end of Major League Baseball season rapidly approaching, it’s perfect timing that RootMetrics released stats on how cellular data networks performed at 29 MLB venues.[spp-timestamp time=”20:50″]

Proving Verizon’s point about why “better matters” when it comes to your wireless network, Verizon scored the most number 1 rankings, with RootMetrics giving Verizon outright wins or ties for wins at 15 of the 29 venues reviewed.

When things aren’t made well, you find out sooner or later. It’s like that with a 
wireless network, too. True, you might not be able to see it, but just like everything: If it’s important to you, it’s important that it works.

Visit http://www.verizonwireless.com/landingpages/better-matters/ to learn more about why “better matters” when it comes to your wireless network.[40:38]

Visit pcmike.com/vzw for stories about how technology can enhance and improve your life. 

Apps of the week review – Finding restaurants and Making Reservations

This week, we have three great apps for finding a restaurant near you and getting a reservation.[spp-timestamp time=”23:00″]

OpenTable is connected with more than 32,000 restaurants around the world, making it easy to discover, explore, reserve, and manage restaurant reservations. You can search by location and even type of cuisine. Then, simply pick a date, time, and party size to see available tables and then book with the simple press of the button. The app is free for iOSAndroid, and Windows.

Zomato helps you find restaurants in more than 10,000 cities globally. Select the region and kind of food you’re in the mood for and Zomato will present you the most up-to-date menus, pictures, and user reviews. If you want to check out a new restaurant, Zomato even gives you a detailed map to help you find it easy. It’s free for iOSAndroid, and Windows.

Those with more distinguishing tastes may want to consider LocalEats. The app has listings of the best of the best dining options based on ratings from magazines, newspapers, dining sites and other reputable reviewers. It, too, allows users to filter restaurants by location, cuisine, price range, and hours. LocalEats is 99 cents for iOS or Android.

Mike also explains why you can’t necessarily trust online reviews [spp-timestamp time=”26:25″]


Interview – Keeping our Mobile Devices safe from Malicious Code

PC Mike talks to Heather MacKinnon of Lookout.com, a website that offers apps for iOS and Android that will help keep malicious apps off your smartphones and tablets. Heather also shares tips on how to stay safe out there while using those mobile devices to browse the web.[spp-timestamp time=”27:25″]


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