PCM11: The Shocking Truth About What Hackers Can Do To Your Car

The auto industry’s incessant moves to give us “connected cars” with Internet access and wireless Bluetooth pairing to our smartphones also have made today’s vehicles extremely vulnerable to hackers who are able to get into a car’s electronic brains with ease.

In fact, Delphi, an auto supplier, held a so-called “hack-a-thon” event last summer, and a 14-year-old from metro Detroit was able to hack the vehicle using $14 in parts from a Radio Shack.

Just this week that the Center for Automotive Research held a conference in which tech industry experts expressed a general consensus: the auto industry doesn’t have the expertise to take on today’s hackers. That’s on the heels of a recently released report from a pair of U.S. senators that identifies an urgent need for automakers to take action to prevent car hacking. The report says the public needs “the electronic equivalent of seat belts and airbags to keep drivers and their information safe.”

For episode 11 of the PC Mike Techcast we talk to an expert in car hacking who tells us how the increase in vehicle technologies over the last eight years especially had provided almost countless ways for hackers to “get inside” your vehicle – even possibly opening the door for someone from thousands of miles away to control it. Craig Smith, who wrote Car Hacker’s Manual and is behind the OpenGarages.org forum that is designed to serve as a platform for people to exchange information about car hacks, joins us. Among other things, Smith talks about:

  • How easy it is to hack a car or truck
  • What features can be controlled by a hacker, such as brakes and steering
  • What tech features in your vehicle make it susceptible to hacking
  • Hackers are electronically “hot wiring” cars right now and stealing them
  • How vehicles have been proven to be hacked
  • The auto industry needs to abandon its old model of doing business so it can quickly address the issue of car hacking and shore up vehicle security
  • Internet connected cars create the possibility that hackers, from anywhere in the world, can access a vehicle’s electronic controls


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Audio Review: Small Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker Packs Big Sound

I talk about the Fugoo Bluetooth speaker, which is only 8 inches and about one pound in size. We also have a full-review for you to check out (Read more).

PC/Mac Review: Back Up with iDrive

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Listener Feedback: Don’t Believe the Pro-Net Neutrality Hype

Listener Brett Glass responds to our interview from last week during which we had Michael Weinberg, vice president, Washington, D.C.-based Public Knowledge, talking about the pros of net neutrality. Well not so fast says Glass as you hear in this week’s edition of Listener Feedback.

Tech News and Trends: Car Hacking is Real

I introduce a subject getting more and more attention: car hacking.

The big driver of the attention these days is a report issued by Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) that identifies and urgent need for automakers to take action to prevent car hacking. The report says the public needs “the electronic equivalent of seat belts and airbags to keep drivers and their information safe.” You can read the full report here.

For many, however, what really drew attention to the subject of car hacking was the suspicious death of journalist Michael Hastings. You can read about what happened and why it’s suspicious here.

Interview: Craig Smith, author of Car Hacker’s Manual, founder of OpenGarages.org and TheiaLabs

Craig Smith, author of the Car Hacker’s Manual, founder OpenGarages.org and TheiaLabs, and member of I Am The Calvary, an organization aimed at showcasing information technology issues that need attention in order to improve public safety and life.

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