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Photo editing apps for 2019

The cameras on our smartphones keep getting better and better – and so do the apps that help us edit photos in new and unique ways.

PC Mike Wendland has three of the most popular ones being used these days.

TouchRetouch offers a quick and easy way to remove unwanted objects from your phone photos. Within seconds it’s possible to erase power lines, dust spots, skin blemishes, or any other object that you feel is spoiling your composition. The easy-to-use interface features four editing tools, such as object removal and quick repair — making it easy for even the most novice photographers to get the cleanest and most striking images. The app is $1.99 for iOS and Android.

The app called Glitche is basically the opposite of TouchRetouch — intended to give users ways to manipulate photos and turn them into art. Once an art form achievable only with the help of expensive software programs, Glitché helps even the most unexperienced user create captivating illustrations using settings like pixelation and distortion. There are more than 30 tools to use. The app is 99 cents for iOS.

For a great overall photo-editing app, consider Afterlight 2. The full-featured photo editing app offers plenty of creative options allowing you to enhance your photos with many adjustment tools and filters. You can create unique edits with textures, light leaks and double-exposure tools. You can even add text, artwork and frames to your images. New content is added daily to the app, giving you the latest and greatest in editing options. The app is $2.99 for iOS and Android.

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