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Podcasting: Megaphone to the World

Some people are calling it the Golden Age of Radio. Except it isn’t radio. It’s digital audio – podcasts. And though they’ve been around for a decade,  there’s a massive new surge in the popularity of podcasts thanks to the power of apps.

The trend jumpstarted earlier this year after Apple started including it’s new Podcast app on the iPhone and iPads, There are now so many podcasts out there on the iTunes store – almost all of them free – that you will find podcast shows aimed at whatever interest, whatever passion you have.

Then there’s Stitcher, which works on Apple and Android devices. It’s like a huge catalog of podcasts, all downloadable, free to mobile devices. Those are just the big ones. Do a search on pocast apps and you’ll be overwhelmed – that’s how big podcasts have become.

And one of the most popular of the podcasts out there is… you guessed it.. a podcast about podcasting… by a guy named Cliff Ravenscraft…known as the Podcast Answer Man. His show has spawned thousands of other podcasts, including many at the top of the podcasting charts.

Why so many podcasts? Because anyone can try their hand at reaching the world, with podcast gear that consists of not much more than an electronic megaphone in the form of a headset and Internet connection.

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