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Quick Guide: Protecting Your Digital Assets

In this information age, gathering up and securing the most important information – the critical passwords, user names, insurance, savings and important documents we have – is a vital task than many overlook. I have some suggestions on how to safeguard those digital assets.

Estate Assist is a powerful tool that creates a sort of online safety deposit box where you can store everything from online passwords and logins for all your accounts to offline documents like insurance policies, mortgage agreements, passports, social security cards, wills and the like. It lets you include a spouse, friend, family member or trusted professional like an accountant or lawyer to have access to your Estate Assist Safe now, or at some point in the future. It’s encrypted and totally secure, protected by a $1 million insurance guarantee on each account in the case of a data breach. Identity theft protection is also available. Free for 30 days, thereafter plans start at $5 a month.

Ever come across an article or video you want to view later and then forget where you saw it?  That’s why you should have Pocket app, which lets you save articles, videos and webpages to be viewed at a later date. With 12 million registered users, Pocket is a save-it-for-later service that has been integrated into 500 apps and as an extension for most browsers. Once your items have been saved, you can access them even without an Internet connection. Free for Apple and Android devises.

If you collect online coupons and those little key fobs for discount cards, you’ll want KeyRing. It works with Apple or Android devices. Just scan your cards and when you’re at the store, just show the phone to the cashier for your discount.

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