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Three Super Fitness Apps for 2017

It’s New Year’s resolution time again, and that means a lot of people are turning to thoughts of a healthier lifestyle and smaller waistline.

Here are three apps that can help you get and stay fit in 2017.

Pact uses cold, hard cash to motivate you to hit the gym. Form a “pact” for health, either to work out a certain number of times per week or to eat right. Fall short and you’ll be charged a minimum of $5.  Succeed and you get a cut of the pot. Settings can be adjusted to increase fitness level. Don’t worry, there are ways to get out of a so-called “pact” temporarily or permanently. It’s free for iOS and Android.

FitStar gives personalized programs for losing weight and gaining strength, offering a variety of workouts added monthly in HD video. FitStar’s dynamic programs continually adjust to your feedback, goals, and capabilities — just like a personal trainer. And FitStar constantly brings new moves and sessions to keep things fun. Free for iOS and Android with premium features available for purchase.

Gymaholic uses 3D animations to make exercise demos jump off the screen. The app tracks details such as heart rate, calories, and rest time. You can set Gymaholic to automatically increase your workouts, and add photos, track body-measurements, and weight to document progress. The app is free for iOS and Android with premium features available for purchase.

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