Protect yourself against hackers

The massive theft of over a BILLION email accounts by a Russian hacker gang has Internet security experts scrambing and ordinary online users wondering what they can do to protect themselves. I have these suggestions.

The very first thing Internet users need to do is change their passwords. Use a program called Last Pass to manage all your passwords. It keeps track of your user names and passwords for you and logins in automatically with them. This is how passwords should be…very complex. The program will generate secure passwords like this.

Password Genie is another secure password manager. It stores and secures passwords on PC and Mac computers and Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

I also like Dashlane. It has a form filler, generates secure passwords and has a very easy to use interface. Like the others, there are free and premium versions.

Which ever program you use, be sure to change your social media passwords, too and don’t use the same password on all the sites you visit.


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