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The Importance of Using Password Managers

We live in a world ruled by passwords. Almost everywhere we go online, we need a password. How do you keep track of them all? Some apps and web services can safely, securely and seamlessly manage your digital world. Here are my suggestions:

Password Box is a free app for Apple and Android devices that uses encryption to store your account login and password information. You can store multiple accounts and then login in with one click, instead of having to enter in all the information. It’s easy to add and change info and besides your smart phone or tablet, it also works on your computer.

passwordsOne of the most secure password managers you’ll find is called 1Password. It works on all mobile platforms. This app generates complicated and very secure passwords for you – and remembers them. It’s a bit complicated to set up, however, especially on Android devices, which don’t seem to have all the capabilities that the app offers for the iPhone. But then again, the iPhone app is $18. The Android app is free.

My favorite password manager is LastPass. It works on iPhones and Android and your computers. It is extremely simple to use, storing Web site passwords, credit card information and more behind a master password that you set up. It is very secure and powerful. Its only drawback is to get full use of all the features like automatic login, you need to buy a $12 a year subscription.

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