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Protecting your texts from spying eyes

All the new about widespread spying on the Internet is causing a lot of people to wonder just how secure their messages are. As a result, there’s a whole bunch of apps out there that promise to keep your sensitive information private. Here’s a sampling of what’s available.

Cover Me is a free app for the iPhone and Android devices that allows for private texting, private photo sharing and what the developers claim is an “Impenetrable vault” for protecting your personal contacts, call logs, messages, documents, notes, diary, passwords, and private photos & videos from prying eyes. You can even make secure Internet based phone calls with the app.

spyingHere’s another app for secret texting… it’s called Blink and its claim to fame is self destructing messages that disappear after a certain time period so there is no permanent record of the text, photos, sketches of videos you send. Its also free for Android and iPhones and adds hacker-proof encryption to everything you send through the app.

One more –WICKR. This one is really simple to set up and use and claims military strength encryption. You can send those disappearing messages and control just who can read your messages, when and for how long. The motto for this app is “Leave No Trace.” It’s for the iPhone and Android and is free.

As you can see, there’s a lot of paranoia out there. These apps may just give you a ittle peace of mind. 

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