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2016 Santa Apps

With Thanksgiving a distant memory, children and parents have turned their thoughts to Christmas – specifically, Santa Claus.

With the right app, kids can connect directly with the big man. Parents parents will find the apps especially useful, too.

A Call From Santa is exciting for kids, but useful for parents, as well. Tell Santa a few details about your child and the big man calls back with a personalized message. The app can also be used to report naughty children, helping with behavior issues. There’s also a way for children to call and leave a voicemail with Santa containing their wish lists – a message easily accessed by parents for use in the store. The app is free for iOS and Android.

Video Calls with Santa provides three pre-recorded interactive calls to reward nice children, discipline naughty children, or to allow children to record a wish list that parents can access anytime. The app allows children to interact with Santa simply by using video messages that adults control by tapping onscreen when certain questions are asked. The app is $2.99 for iOS and Android.

Santa Call and Tracker delivers personalized phone calls and allows for thousands of possible calls that can fully customized with all sorts of information. Kids can record wish lists for later access. It also features a Christmas countdown and allows for tracking of Santa’s Christmas Eve travels. The app is free for iOS.

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