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Add special effects to your photos and videos

Just because our smartphones have cameras churning out pictures and videos with some serious quality doesn’t mean we always have to be so serious when using them.

PC Mike Wendland has three apps to have all kinds of fun with your photos and videos – including one to finally give your dog a voice.

If you haven’t seen the app called My Talking Pet in action, it’s only a matter of time. Currently among the top paid apps, if does what it says by turning your pet into one that can talk. It’s as simple as taking a picture, making some on screen adjustments for the shape of your pet’s head…then recording a message into your smartphone or tablet. Of course, sharing images of your talking pet is easy, too. And this is what you get. Pretty fun, huh? The app is $2.99 for iOS and Android.

VHS Camcorder turns your fancy smartphone camera into an 1980’s styled camcorder. The app shoots in in color or black and white, in widescreen or the “old-school” standard format. You can even time stamp your videos to make it seem as if the video was really recorded in 1985. The app is $3.99 for iOS and $2.99 for Android.

Then there’s the app called Glitche. The app gives you more than 30 professional tools for intentional digital glitches, 3D transformations, color distortions, and yes, even that old VHS look. The app is 99 cents for iOS.

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