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Best Bicycling Apps

Summer is get outside an play time and as warm weather finally sweeps across the country, lots of folks are taking to two wheeled transportation and the sport and pastime of cycling. I have some special apps can help help you get even more from bicycling..

Whether for recreation or transportation – earlier this month the nation celebrated bike to work week – cycling has become one of the nation’s most popular passtimes .

bikeapsAnd with everyone having a smartphone, there are some great biking apps.

Start with the app called Runtastic. They have apps for runners and cyclists as well as optional gear that reads out your heart rate and cadence. The $4.99 Runtastic apps measure speed and distance as well as tracking and mapping your route. You can share status and reports via social media. It works on all major mobile phone platforms and there are specialized apps aimed at road cyclists or mountain bikers.

The Map My Ride app has been around for several years but really has a strong following of more than 20 million cyclists. It is updated regularly and lets you find specific routes and trails to bike wherever you are, oretty much anywhere in the world. You can get maps of routes to ride, or create your own route. And the app, of course, tracks your speed and distance. The app works on all platforms and is free.

One more: Wahoo Fitness. A lot of hard core cyclists love this app. It tracks al the standard things but works with Bluetooth for heart rate monitors and other add-ons. The app works on the iPhone and Android phones and is free.


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