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Tips: Become a Speed Reader with These Speed Reading Apps

There is so much information these days, so much to read, that we need all the help we can just to keep up with it all. One solution is to be able to read faster. But how do we do that? There’s a bunch of speed reading apps that will do just that.

Check this out. If you read this, you’re reading 250 words a minute, just a little faster than the average person. But a company called Spritz has developed an app that can easily have you double that speed, or more. It’s about to roll it out on select smartphones but check this out: Here is 500 words per minute? How are you doing? The science behind it has to do with the way the brain works. You see only one word at a time and don’t have to keep moving from word to word.

It is about to roll out on the latest Samsung phones and soon – the developers hope – on other platforms and be used in social media, digital books, closed captioning,  smart watches and head mounted displays.

spritzThe iPhone already has a similar app called Velocity. It works with online reading souuces such as stories from Instapaper. It costs $2.99.

Here’s another – Readquick. It can help you speed read online articles from websites and Instapaper but its cost is a whopping $9.95.

How fast are these speed readers? Some claim you can read a full-length novel in about 90 minutes. 

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