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First video with Google Glass

I’m really having fun experimenting with Google Glass.

Yesterday, when it was -12F outside my snowy Michigan home, I put on my boots, parka and fur hat with earflaps and wore Glass out in the elements to see how it did recording video.

Here’s a video I did for my RV travel blog shot entirely with Glass.

mikehatI was anxious to see how Glass video looks and put this together in just a few minutes. So it’s nothing very creative but does, I think, show that Glass has some great possibilities for journalists looking to incorporate POV video into their films.

I plan to use it a lot on the travel blog as well as my tech blog.

The good news for me is Glass plays very well with Macs and Final Cut Pro!

But… that said… when Google releases it to the public later this year, I just don’t see it taking off. The current price for Explorers invited into the program is $1500. Google will surely get the price down but even if they drop it to $500, people are not going to buy this until they get more battery life from it (only a couple of hours right now when used a lot for video) and more useful apps.

Give it four or five years and you’ll see a smaller less nerdy and less costly version…begin to get real traction. But right now, it’s a cool concept ahead of its time.

Meantime, I’m glad I have it and I’ll keep playing with it… that’s the fun of being a tech reporter.


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