Don’t Have A Green Thumb? Get One Using These Gardening Apps!

It’s garden planting time! But planting the wrong greenery or garden in the wrong place and at the wrong time can ruin anyone’s chances at making the best of the warm, summer growing season. Fortunately, a number of apps are available to help plan ahead of time, potentially save users lots of time, money, and trouble.

Eden Garden Designer lets users virtually plant greenery and “see” what their yards could look like before a shovel is even taken out of the shed. Take a picture of your yard and select from 40 of the most common plants to “plant” virtual greenery in your real space. Users can search for plants based on name, height, blooming season, and sun exposure. Eden Garden Designer even will help you plan a garden based on where you live. It’s for iOS and costs $1.99 with in-app purchases that give you even more options.

Garden Squared assists in planning and tracking of square foot gardens, patio container gardens, seedlings, staging and raised garden beds. The simple-to-use app allows you to design your garden so you know when and where to plant. You can input exactly what you planted and journal progress of you garden, too, allowing you to easily view what has and hasn’t worked in your garden. The app is for Android.

Garden Tracker lets you size and plan your garden plots and plant greenery in up to 50-foot-by-50-foot squares. Users can also track their garden’s progress and count days to harvest, days since watered, and days since last fertilized. Garden Tracker also comes with info for 50 common vegetables and herbs, such as spacing, water, and soil needs. Users can even store photos in the app to track how gardens change over time. The app is for iOS and is $3.99.

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