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Paid Weather Apps that are Worth It

Interested in the weather? Well there are a lot of free weather apps available. But these days, to get the most accurate and useful apps you might have to spend a little money. Don’t worry, I have three weather apps for us this week that are worth paying for.

Storm Shield sends alerts tailored to your location. Alerts are sent for tornado, hurricane, flood, thunderstorm and other life-threatening weather events via voice and text alerts. The app also offers radar weather images and forecasts. Storm Shield is $2.99 for iOS and Android.

RadarScope claimes to be professional radar for the average Joe. Tornado warnings show in red, thunderstorms in yellow, flash flood in green, and so on. You can tap the radar system for more than 200 North American locations, meaning you can check your house while on the road – or where you may be headed. The app is $9.99 for iOS and Android.

Weather Timeline-Forecast has details such as humidity levels and dew point along with wind speeds and direction, along with detailed forecasts and more. It includes a time machine weather forecast so you can look at months, even years in advance or check what the weather was like in previous years. The app is 99-cents, for Android only.

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