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Apps to Keep a Journal or Diary

Recent studies show increasing numbers of people going vegan or vegetarian, meaning more and more of you are on the hunt for new recipes.

As PC Mike Wendland reports this week, a number of apps can help expand your vegan or vegetarian recipe box.

Eat Vegan offers more than 250 vegan recipes and meals with plenty of pictures to illustrate. Bookmark favorite recipes for easy meal planning, and create a shopping list for when you’re headed to the store or farmer’s market. Eat Vegan also has a social element, allowing recipes to be shared via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. The app is free for iOS.

The developers of the Garden Plate app claim it’s perfect for vegans and vegetarians, along with those who have issues with gluten or are simply looking for healthy and tasty green dishes. It, too, offers plenty of delicious-looking food photos and more than 65 recipes to help you bring them to life. The app is free for iOS and Android.

The Vegan Amino app takes the social aspect of veganism to a new level. The app connects vegans with others so they can share recipes, and more. Have a question about a particular dish in the app’s library of recipes? Post the question and let others help you out. The app also provides links to other useful resources, such as vegan blogs. The app is free for iOS and Android.

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