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Apps to stay organized

Being organized and more productive is right up there at the top of everyone’s wish list. Thanks to some very helpful and powerful apps for our various mobile devices,  it’s never been easier.

The personal  organizer that’s getting all the buzz these days is called Springpad and it’s a free, glitzy little productivity tool for the iPhone and Android platforms. Its motto is everyday life, done better and it is a task manager, project organizer and a very user friendly way to use your tablet or smartphone to juggle a bunch of different projects and ideas by setting up notebooks to keep track of everything. You can also use a web clipper to save websites and online information directly to Springpad.

springpadFor Mac users, the best to-do list and task manager I’ve yet found is called Things. Things offers a free trial version but after that, it’s big bucks. The full app costs $10 for the iPhone, $20 for the iPad and $50 for a computer, synchronizing all files and entries automatically.

But for more power and for Android and Apple products, its very hard to beat Evernote, the oldest and the most in-depth organizer and productivity tool. Evernote is an app that works on all your devices, aimed at collecting and storing the notes, web pages, photos, links and lists you want and need.  While it may be old, it just got a big boost by Google, which uses the app on its soon-to-be-released Google Glass device.

Google Glass is a powerful tool that looks like a pair of eyeglasses but is really a wearable computer that connects to the Internet, takes photos and videos and sends and receives messages.  It is expected to be made available to the public later this year and by being part of the apps that works with this, Evernote has a big edge. 

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