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Apps That Remind You to Take Your Medicines

From vitamins and dietary supplements to life-saving medications, chances are most of us are regularly taking pills of some sort.

Managing them doesn’t have to be a big job, though, thanks to a growing number of apps developed to help.

A new report from the IMS Institute for Healthcare says the three most popular are:

Medisafe Meds & Pill Reminder sends reminders for medications, vitamins and supplements. You can also set up Medisafe for other people in your family, have it set to remind you when it’s time to refill, and if you travel, Medisafe adjusts for the proper time zone. The app is free for iOS and Android.

Dosecast can also be set to send reminders on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can sync Dosecast with your other devices so that you’re sure to get your reminders when you need it. Also, you can see how many pills you have left and when it will be time to refill. The app is free and available for iOS and Android with in-app purchases to expand capabilities.

Medicinelist+ also allows you to set up a schedule for your medications and enter notes such as why you take it and any other extra instructions you need to remember. Medicinelist+ also allows you to track medicine use and receive your own records via email. It also can keep track of your basic medial info and vitals. Medicinelist+ is free for iOS and Android.

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