PCM38 PC Mike’s Gadget of the Year: iPadPro or Surface Book?

PC Mike is agonizing, as he gets ready to pick the Gadget of the Year. Will it be Apple’s new iPad Pro or Microsoft’s hot new Surface Pro combination laptop/tablet?

Both devices are about to be released and are expected to be hot sellers this holiday season.


iPad Pro
iPad Pro

Mike likes both and is waiting to get his hands on them to make his choice for the annual TV report he does after Thanksgiving picking the “Device of the Year.”

Surface Book
Surface Book

In this episode, he talks about how impressed he is with Microsoft’s technological resurgence and its innovative new Surface tablets, as well as its solid new Windows 10 operating system.


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He also talks about why he loves Apple products, including the new Apple Watch.


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Other topics covered in this episode:

-Apple’s massive $53.4 annual profit make it the biggest, richest corporation ever, making over $1,600 every second.

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– How the big JP Chase bank is taking aim at Apple, Google and Samsung with its own mobile payment app

-How he thinks Apple blew it with its new $99 pencil stylus

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-How Google’s Chrome browser has become the new standard in speed and power

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-A study showing that people spend a third of their day – five hors or more – checking their smartphones

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Plus, in his apps of the week, Mike features three great and free apps to help you plan your Thanksgiving meal.

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