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Video Editing Apps for Smartphones

From sports clips, to feature-length movies, the latest smartphones and tablets allow us to capture more video than ever.

And with the apps I’m about to tell you about, the days are gone of those videos being low-quality, and downright unusable.

Mavis shows virtual knobs and dials like the pros use in-studio. Just about every aspect of a video can be manipulated with the Mavis app, from light balance to exposure. Sound too complicated? With the tap of one button, users can hide many of the knobs and instead focus on basic controls. The app – called a “professional filmmaking camera and film production tool” by its developers –is $16.99 for iOS.

LumaFX allows for extensive manipulation of video and audio. Videos can be resized, reframed, reversed, rotated and mirrored, while clips can be sped up or slowed down. Audio levels can also be adjusted. LumaFX offers great color and effects features. The app is $2.99 for iOS.

Android or Windows Mobile users look at PowerDirector. The app uses timeline video editing, slow motion, and more. Take advantage of the apps numerous video effects, transitions – even the ability to record audio over existing video. The app is free for Android and Windows Mobile.

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