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Wearable Technology and Technology Enabled Clothing

Technology keeps getting smaller and easier to take along. I have a sort of high tech fashion piece for us this week, demonstrating how the latest trend in tech is what’s known as wearable technology.

When you’re talking about wearable technology, you’re talking about things like the Samsung Gear. It’s a Smartwatch.  Now there are a number of them out there. It’s a regular watch.  But this one also receives email. It receives text messages. It’s a camera – video and still. And you can make and receive phone calls with it. There are a number of them on the market, and soon you’ll see the Apple iWatch. So this is going to be a hot item.

tecAnd of course there’s Google Glass and its probably going to be release to the public sometime around springtime. It does the same thing the watch does. It does videos and photographs and phoe calls. But it will also – listen to this – it will also do facial recognition. There’s an app that looks where you’re looking and then it will go online. It will deliver the social media profile of that person you’re looking at so you can say “Hey Bill, how’re you doing, how’s your wife, Jennifer, how’s all the kids, and hey, are you still vacationing in the Hamptons?”  It will give you all that information. There’s a lot of controversy about Google Glass. But you talk about wearable. This is wearable.

Then there’s Technology Enabled Clothing. It’s from a company called ScottEVest and it’s known for all of the hidden pocket inside for technology. For example, the Google Glass often needs a battery charge, it doesn’t last long. So I have a little connector in the pocket and I carry along a Morphie Power Station. It will also charge my cell phone and other devices. So I keep that in there I also keep my phones, I have a mobile phone here.  I do a lot of video work outside so instead of carrying a big cumbersome backpack,  I actually have a spot where I can carry an extra camera. This is a full digital camera that does video and stills. I also will carry along my GoPro camera, this little GoPro on a monopod so I can extend it and get shots up high like so. And it even has room in one of the pockets for a small portable computer or in my case here, an iPad.

Technology Enabled Clothing. Wearable Technology. You’re gonna hear a lot more about it.

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