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Meditation Apps

Between our busy schedules, social media, nonstop news cycle and more, we could all stand to take at least a few minutes to reset each day.

As PC Mike Wendland reports, a number of meditation apps can help you do that very thing – relax.

Headspace helps you take a few minutes each day to meditate, whether for focus, exercise, sleep, or more. It trains you to develop a routine, and gives you the option of mini-meditations and “SOS” sessions if your anxiety is increasing. It’s free for iOS and Android, but a paid subscription is required regardless of platform.

10% Happier brings together instructors, specialists, and scientists to teach the basics about meditation. 10% Happier positions itself as an app perfect for skeptics. That means users who question the benefits of mindfulness, might want to consider giving this one a shot. The app is free for iOS and Android, but a paid subscription is required regardless of platform.

Aura suggests a three-minute guided meditation session to specifically cater to your attitude—and you get one a day. But there’s a lot more to the app, including life coaching, storytelling, and music. It also connects you with a community of users and teachers for group support The app is free for iOS and Android, with premium options available for purchase.

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