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Apps for Vinyl Collectors

Despite all the ways people can get their music these days, good old fashioned vinyl records have come back and in a big way.

This week we share three of the best apps available to manage our collections.

Discogs is considered the go-to site for all-things-vinyl and now it has an app. You can catalog your vinyl records on-the-go, and provides instant access to your collection ensuring you don’t pay for an album you already own. There’s also the Discogs Marketplace to see how much is too much to pay per record, and you can even buy directly from other sellers. The app is free for iOS and Android.

The Discollector app lets you catalog vinyl your collection by scanning barcodes and pulling information from the Discogs database. Discollector provides access to your collection when offline, and has a wishlist to add records you’re looking for that can easily be pulled up when faced with thousands of choices online or at the record store. The app is $4.99 for iOS and $1.99 for Android.

VinylWall offers a simple interface for managing a vinyl record collection. it fills in details and provides cover art for nearly all albums. VinylWall adds a more social element, too, allowing users to connect with other collectors so they can follow and share record collecting details, such as where a particular album was purchased. VinyWall is free for iOS and Android.

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